Partiya  Asim Mollazade suggested to commence litigation on Khojaly genoside-
The chairman of the Party for Democratic Reforms, Asim Mollazade said starting the lawsuit on Khojaly genocide can evoke a wide response in the world. He voiced this opinion at the presentation of the project "Study of the legal aspects of recognition at the international level crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing” jointly organised by Milli Majlis, "For the sake of powerful Azerbaijan" Public Union, the Council on State Support to NGOs under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The MP,who offered to approach to this issue from more real angle said Azerbaijan is beeing late in this regard.

 "We have no hope what step will take UN Security Council related with this issue. But international court can punish the criminals. Our country must achieve the holding of such trial in Azerbaijan with the participation of international attorneys. Currently 38 Armenian criminals reside in Armenia and Russia. Azerbaijan refering to signed agreement with Russia should achieve extraditions of these criminals to Azerbaijan. Today Russian and Armenian armed forces again are united. 366th Motor Rifle Regiment of Russia participated in Khojaly genocide. But we do not demand that anywhere. If Azerbaijan commence the trial process regarding this genocide it will evoke a wide response in the world” said Asim Mollazade.
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