Partiya  Asim Mollazade: “We must hold talks with Russia, not with Armenia”-
"Every Azerbaijanian is seriously interested with the issue of bringing perpetrators of Khojaly genocide, killers of women and children to Justice Court.We must do a lot of  work in this direction.” said Asim Mollazade, chairman of the Party for Democratic Reforms during the discussion of current issue at the plenary session of Milli Majlis.

The MP added that Armenia has completly lost its independence and it will be more correct to hold negotiations on solution of Dagliq Karabagh conflict with Russia. 

"The recent events show that strategigal economy of Armenia, energy, transport and etc has been privatised by Russia. Morover agreements about formation of the united group of Armenian-Russian armed forces and Joint Air Defence forces have already been approved by Duma.Armenian armed forces became part of Russia.This shows that Armenia is not an independent state, but one one of the province of Russia. In this case why are we are protracting the negotiations? Nevertheless Armenia even does not do imitation, completly violates the talks. As Armenia is not an independent state we have to hold negotiations with its owner.The leadership of this province is Russia and it seems to me that Minsk Group should mediate between Azerbaijan and Russia.” said Asim Mollazade.

MP talking about the steps to be taken about Khojaly genocide said:There is an agreement between Azerbaijan and Russian on cooperation in the legal field.In line with this agreement the people who are in the list of the Military Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan, perpetrators of 366th Regiment living in Russia must be extradited to Azerbaijan. We must demand bringing killers of children to justice court in Azerbaijan.Azerbaijan must organize court by inviting international judges.The decision must be taken by foreign judges so that the decision of the court can have international legal basis. If Russia will not take necessary steps proceeding from this agreement we must regard this agreement fully violated.” 
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