Partiya  Avropa Şurası Parlament Assambleyasının 22 aprel 2021-ci ildə keçirilmiş iclasında Asim Mollazadənin çıxışı-

Thank you very much, Madam Chair.

I think that this document has had endless discussions about it, based on, really, the political interest of some countries. [These are] some political forces which had competition with Turkey, which are trying to use issues of democracy, human rights, to punish Turkey to create a problem and obstacle. It is like a continuation of this competition,which countries lost in different parts of the world and which are using the Council of Europe for revenge.

Look, it is an issue, we heard from people from countries which have not ratified the Istanbul Convention. They are criticising Turkey, but in their own countries... and there are a lot of countries in the framework of Council of Europe which did not ratify.

I personally support the Istanbul Convention. I think that combating violence against women is a priority for the whole world.

But I also respect the countries, based on religious issues and family conservative traditions, which do not accept this declaration. Discussing only Turkish issues is insulting Turkey as a country.

Another thing, the whole of Europe, the European Union, the United States of America, consider the PKK to be a terrorist organisation. Turkey combating terror and Turkey combating not only terror, also, are very important things that are the glorification of terror.

We had a new process, tradition, this glorification of Nazi and SS, it is the violation of international law and procedure. It is the same when it comes to terror. Why are we accusing Turkey, which is trying to resist this country, because there are tens of thousands of victims of terror within Turkey now, also in Turkish neighbourhoods. There are a lot of terrorist organisations, and Turkey alone combatted them.

I think that Turkey plays a very important role for Europe. Millions of refugees, a result of some military operations in the Middle East, are in Turkey. Turkey is supporting them. Turkey is trying to help Europe to keep and care about this army of migrants.

I think that all of our European colleagues should look to the processes and should not use your political disagreement with Turkey in the form of punishing Turkey for human rights and democracy. That is not fair.

Thank you.

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