Partiya  Avropa Şurası Parlament Assambleyasının 19 aprel 2021-ci ildə keçirilmiş iclasında Asim Mollazadənin çıxışı-

Thank you very much Madam Chair.

The leading idea in Europe or toward a ethnic religious minority, racial minority, is tolerance. It means I don't like you but I'm patient.

We definitely believe that only respect, only intercultural exchange will change the environment.

The Nuremberg process made a strong decision not to allow the glorifying of Nazism and SS. But in the middle of Yerevan they have a monument to a Nazi commander who killed Jews and Soviet citizens in occupied territory. That's why according to an American investigation agency, the most anti-Semitic country in Europe is Armenia. More than 70 percent of the population is anti-Semitic. That's why just recently in the centre of Yerevan, where they destroyed a Jewish cemetery and also used Nazi symbols on that.

We think that a very important issue is just to stop glorifying Nazism. The growing of Nazism created a problem in Germany when kids with a Kippah were attacked by people.

60,000 people, of Jews, left France. It's a very dangerous signal but at the same time Islamism is creating very strong problems like burning of mosques.

We think that only respect to different ways, to different religious, will create a normal environment. Armenia is the only mono-ethnic country in Europe because the representatives of all religions, all ethnic groups, where cleansed. Azerbaijanis were the last group. Hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis were brutally cleansed from the territory of Armenia. We think that a country which is based on hatred has no right to speak about tolerance. 

An also very important thing is cultural heritage. In the occupied territory for Azerbaijan all Azerbaijani cultural heritage was both destroyed, completely destroyed, also all cities and museums. I think that it's a very dangerous signal for Europe. We need respect, we need help and reconciliation. But what do we have? We have mines, we have a terrorist group coming and trying to kill civilians.

We definitely believe that the language of hatred and that which Ms Naira ZOHRABYAN showed now in the Council of Europe, shows what kind of hatred they have. That is not the future of Armenia. We are for peace, for reconciliation and also for building multiculturalism even in a mono-ethnic country.

Thank you Madam.

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